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Thank you OGN for beautiful angles and very long shots of Flame. God bless u 


How i feel when an allied jungler fucks up a gank and dies.


Still miss his longer hair.. but his face still.. just god


Hey Tumblr people, I’ve got some skins to give away!

They’ve got one use in each region, and I’ve used the Riot Ward, both Artic Ops Varus, and one Hecarim/Blitzcrank. 

So for NA I’ve got two Arcade Hecarim and Riot Blitzcrank codes

and for all other regions I have 3 Hecarim/Blitzcrank, 2 Varus, and 1 Ward Skin

Just like/reblog this post or follow me, each’ll get you one entry (:

I’ll randomly pick out winners sometime tomorrow(4/16/2014) or Thursday(4/17/2014)